A disruption to the railroad industry pushed NSB (in connection with Jernebanereformen) to look into splitting into two companies: one part to continue running rail services and the second part to be responsible for information, sales and tickets for all train operators in Norway (including SJ, MTR, Deutsche Bahn, NSB etc.)

NSB and the team at Making Waves saw an opportunity; once more and more providers are operating within Norway where does one go to find travel information and ticketing options spanning across the whole railway system? TaToget.

Client: NSB
Role: Concept Development and Visual Design

NSB wished to keep their tagline, TaToget, as the name for the new service and our job was to create a concept and identity around this name.

Our team mapped out potential target groups and came across the fact that there are many different types of travellers in Norway but they generally fall into two categories; commuters who are traveling from A to B and explorers who are taking the more scenic route.

The identity is formed from this idea with different travel routes laid out to form a ’T’ and this can be created from simple shapes that can be found in a children’s train track set. These shapes are then used to produce a graphic universe that can be used across many mediums to market and entice for the brand.


Because of decisions made within Jernbanereformen this project was put on hold.