KIWI Huskeliste

There are many grocery stores in Norway who have launched mobile applications, so the challenge was to create a grocery store app that gave added value to the users whilst still being simple, smart and efficient.

We did a quick survey about how people plan their shops and one thing became clear, people needed to communicate when organising their grocery list with partners, households and even when planning a cabin trip or dinner party. So we gave the user the option to share their shopping list with other app users or even with non-app users in text format.

Another nice feature of the app is the ability to make your shopping list healthier with our ‘Nøkkelhull’ function or make your list cheaper with our ‘First Price’ function.

With these added bonuses and a clean, modern UI style we created the KIWI Huskeliste App.

Client: NorgesGruppen
Role: UX and Visual Design