I recently started Pitch Dating & Creating which is an online platform that is all about allowing emerging graphic designers to connect, collaborate and create. It gives young designers the opportunity to maintain that creative momentum of university and transition competitively into the industry. We aim to give young designers exposure, help build and differentiate their graduate portfolio’s while joining a community through ‘dating & creating’ with up and coming creatives from Australia and around the world.

Paired together, each ‘date’ is given a creative brief, a deadline and the encouragement to be as imaginative and innovative as they like. Both individual responses are uploaded, side-by-side, to the website weekly and will then be open for evaluation from the public and design community off a predetermined set of criteria. The platform is aimed at enabling designer’s access to constructive feedback from people within the industry as well as from the general public who aren’t graphically trained.

Pitch Dating & Creating was conceptualised for the purpose of highlighting fresh, un-tapped talent and bringing young designers a program to exercise their creative skill-set in a real world scenario. It aims to soften the daunting task of starting out alone through access to a community of their peers, practice interpreting and responding to briefs in an accessible way and take their first steps to achieving their goals.

It would be great if you could head on over to our website, follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook.

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